how long do appliances last
Maintenance Tips

How Long Do Appliances Last & Other FAQs

Whether it’s a slow decline or a sudden stop, the life of an appliance eventually ends, impacting your routine and budget. How long do appliances last before they break down? While the average appliance lifespan is about 10 years, the right use and care can make a difference. Learn how long your major appliances should

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american made appliances

Which Appliances Are Made in the USA?

In an effort to support the local economy, many consumers look for American-made products, specifically for large appliance purchases. Which appliances are made in the USA? Whirlpool is the largest American-owned and operated appliance company in the US, producing everything from washers to refrigerators throughout the country. Learn more about what appliances are made in

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difference between convection ovens and regular ovens

What’s The Difference Between a Convection Oven vs Conventional Oven?

Even though convection cooking is not a new technology, many still hesitate to purchase a convection oven. What’s the difference between convection ovens and regular ovens? Convection ovens can cook food faster and more evenly with a slightly different heating method. Learn more about a convection oven vs conventional oven so you can make the

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gas vs electric dryers pros and cons

How to Choose Between a Whirlpool Gas vs Electric Dryer

When buying a new dryer, how well it dries clothes is usually the top priority. However, while both gas and electric dryers perform equally well, there are differences between the two that can influence your purchase. So, do I need a gas or electric dryer if I have a large family? A gas dryer’s faster

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are high-end refrigerators worth the money

What is the Difference Between High-End and Regular Refrigerators?

If you’re considering a new refrigerator, it’s likely you’ve come across high-end models offering numerous amenities (as well as higher prices). Are high-end refrigerators better than standard options? While this depends on your budget, needs, and preferences, high-end refrigerators typically offer superior construction and technology. Explore the difference between a high-end and regular refrigerator when

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most reliable dishwasher features

6 Most Used Dishwasher Features

The modern advancements of today’s dishwashers aren’t just bells and whistles, they provide a variety of helpful options. What are the most used dishwasher features to look for in a new purchase? Many have more wash cycles than ever before, with options for sanitizing or washing just a half-load to save water and energy. Learn

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