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dishwasher liquid vs dishwasher powder

Dishwasher Liquid vs Dishwasher Powder – Which is Better?

It’s time to run the dishwasher and the thought pops into your head, “Am I using the best dishwasher detergent?” Join the club – we all ask ourselves that question. We have the scoop on dishwasher liquid vs dishwasher powder and will give you a clearer picture of what the differences are between the two.

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best restaurants in irvine

Best Restaurants in Irvine

Living in the Irvine area certainly has its perks. The scenic beauty of Orange County is the perfect backdrop for a night out at one of the best restaurants in Irvine. With so many tasty options available though, you may be wondering which spots to try first.

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ac not working

FAQ: My AC Isn’t Working. What Could Be Causing This?

Unlike some other home appliance issues, when you have an AC not working, you notice right away. After all, there’s nothing worse than suffering through the heat while your air conditioner sits there useless. That’s why you need to find the source of the problem quickly. 

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oven not heating
Appliance Repair

Oven Not Heating Up? Here are the Top 4 Causes

Regardless of whether you’re having guests over for a dinner party or cooking a meal for one, it can ruin your day to discover your oven not heating. The good news is that this is a common issue, and figuring out why your oven won’t heat is something you can possibly handle yourself.

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maytag washer making loud noise when spinning

Is Your Maytag Washer Making Loud Noise When Spinning? This May Be Why.

Nothing beats the convenience of modern washing machines, but even with cutting-edge technology from top brands like Maytag, these appliances will start to wear out over time. A Maytag washer making loud noise when spinning will usually be the first sign of trouble, but not to worry! Most noisy washer issues are simple enough for a

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thanksgiving planning

Thanksgiving Planning Guide

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, you have to check out these online resources. There are so many ways to make Thanksgiving planning easier, and we’ve gathered the best of the best for you. From turkey recipes to cooking timelines, these resources will help you dazzle your guests on Turkey Day. Thanksgiving Planning Tools Holiday

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