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While you can be a ghost or a princess this Halloween, wouldn’t you like to stand out from the crowd? Your everyday appliances can actually inspire creative costumes that are easy and fun to make. From a running refrigerator to a bun in the oven, these appliance costume ideas are sure to set you apart from the others.

Appliance Costume Ideas That Fright and Delight

Making your own costume can not only be more cost-effective than a store-bought option, but it can also get your DIY juices flowing. Let a simple appliance box inspire your creativity with these appliance costume ideas for Halloween that turn the ordinary into something spooktacular.

Refrigerator Running Costume

Is your refrigerator running? Now you can answer “yes” with this appliance costume idea that keeps you light on your feet. For a refrigerator running costume, choose a waist-length, rectangular appliance box that doesn’t restrict your mobility. Cut holes for your head and arms and paint the box white, adding black tape down the middle for the refrigerator doors. Attach an electrical cord to the back and magnets to the front before tying up your sneakers for a fun and flexible costume.


  • Waist-length, rectangular appliance box
  • Black tape or marker
  • Magnets
  • Electrical cord

Dirty Laundry Group Costume

Group Halloween costumes can be fun but require some extra creativity. For a group of three, look no further than your washer, dryer, and laundry basket for DIY inspiration. To make the washer and dryer, cut head and armholes in two large, square appliance boxes. Paint them white, using markers for the knobs and doors and attaching small boxes of detergent or dryer sheets to the top.

To prep the dirty laundry, cut the bottom out of a small laundry basket, using a rope to secure it around the waist or shoulders. Attach some clothing inside, and your group of dirty laundry is ready for a spin!


  • 2 square appliance boxes
  • 1 small laundry basket
  • White paint
  • Assorted clothing
  • Empty boxes of detergent and dryer sheets

Microwaved Head Costume

Appliance costume ideas can be both scary and silly when you use a little face paint to up the fright factor. For a microwaved head costume, choose an appliance box that fits easily over your head, cutting a square in the front panel so your face is visible. Paint the box black or silver, adding function buttons, numbers, and a clock with markers. Next, get creepily creative with face paint that gives you a burnt or cooked appearance. Or, keep it simple with just your smiling face inside.


  • Rectangular appliance box
  • Black or silver paint
  • Markers
  • Face paint (optional)

Bun in the Oven Costume

A bun in the oven costume can enable a mom-to-be to enjoy some Halloween fun. Transform a large, square appliance box into an oven by cutting off the top flaps. Attach cloth or rope so it hangs easily from the shoulders. Paint the box silver or white, using markers or other paint to draw an oven door with a bun inside. Embellish with oven mitts, a dish towel, or even using mom’s due date for the cook time. Need creative Halloween costumes for the future dad? A simple apron and chef’s hat gives this bun in the oven a baker.


  • 1 large, square appliance box
  • White or silver paint
  • Markers
  • Strips of cloth or rope
  • Chefs hat and apron (optional)
bun in the oven costume
Image: Heidi Swapp

Appliance costume ideas can turn the everyday into something unique. From all of us at Caesar’s Appliance Sales & Service, we wish you a happy and creative Halloween!