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While completing your Thanksgiving checklist can be all-consuming right before the holidays, don’t forget the hard-working appliance that brings you all the glory. Getting your oven in tip-top shape not only includes cleaning the inside but also the hard-to-reach area in between the glass. Our step-by-step guide details how to clean between oven door glass without removing the door and how to remove it if necessary.

How to Clean Between Oven Glass for Prime Turkey Viewing

The glass on an oven door serves a valuable purpose, allowing for inside viewing without opening the door. This enables all the heat to remain inside the oven, reducing cooking times and energy costs. We’ll detail how to clean between oven glass so you have a clear view of your roasting turkey and other holiday goodies. But first, here’s what you’ll need to make your own natural oven glass cleaner.


  • Spray bottle
  • Scouring pad
  • Paper towels
  • Wire hanger
  • Rubber band
  • Dish soap
  • White vinegar

Step #1: Make a Natural Oven Cleaner

There’s no need for harsh chemicals or commercial cleaners to clean between oven glass. Just as this DIY oven cleaner can make the inside of your oven sparkle, our natural oven cleaner does the trick for glass. For this simple oven door cleaning hack,  fill the spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and dish soap and shake to combine.

Step #2: Clean the Outside of Oven Door Glass

Clean glass oven doors from the outside by spraying them with the vinegar solution and wiping dry with a paper towel. While this side of the door likely isn’t as dirty as the inside, the cleaner will get rid of any splatters and fingerprints.

Step #3: Clean the Inside of Oven Door Glass

Wondering how to get rid of brown stains on oven glass? Open the oven door and spray the interior door glass with the vinegar and dish soap solution. Use enough spray to liberally coat the glass before scrubbing it with the scouring pad. A sudsy foam will result from scrubbing.

Let the foam sit for several minutes before wiping it and any residual grease away with a paper towel.

clean between oven glass

Step #4: Clean In Between Oven Glass

A simple tool made from the wire hanger and paper towel can clean between glass on oven door without removing door. Straighten one end of the wire hanger and wrap 1-2 paper towels around it, securing them with rubber bands. Here’s how to clean between oven glass with your wire hanger tool:

  • Remove the drawer underneath the oven.
  • Locate the holes underneath the oven door.
  • Spray the paper towels on the wire hanger with the vinegar and dish soap.
  • Feed the wire hanger through the oven door holes with the paper towel end first.
  • Circulate the paper towel in between the glass to remove dirt and grime.
  • Remove the dirty paper towel, replace with a clean and dry one and re-insert to dry in between the glass.

How to Remove the Door to Clean Between Oven Glass

Can you take an oven door apart to clean the glass? We first recommend consulting your owner’s manual for the exact directions for your model oven. Here are some helpful guidelines to follow when removing the oven door for cleaning:

  1. Lay a towel on the floor or counter to better cushion the door after it’s removed.
  2. Lift open the door hinges on either side of the oven door.
  3. Open the door to about a 75° angle and lift it free from the hinges.
  4. Place the door on the towel for cleaning.

We hope these simple steps to clean in between oven glass gets your oven sparkling clean for a busy season of cooking. And if your holiday baking leads to an oven malfunction, call Caesar’s Appliance Service for a rapid repair!