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why is my ge dryer loud

Why Is My GE Dryer Making Noise? Here’s How to Silence the Sound

There’s nothing more disconcerting than a laundry appliance producing unexpected and loud noises, disrupting the usual humdrum of our homes. If you have a GE dryer making noise, it’s like the machine is speaking to you, telling you something is amiss. So, let’s play detective and understand the language of dryer noises, helping you return to a harmonious household!

Diagnosing the Mysterious Sounds of a GE Dryer Making Noise

The various cacophonies a GE dryer can create are like different dialects of the appliance language. Let’s understand each noise and learn how we can mitigate and prevent them.

noisy GE dryer

Normal GE Dryer Sounds

Dryers are bound to make certain noises, just like any other appliance. Knowing which sounds are normal and which are not will help give you peace of mind when you have a GE dryer making noise.

If you notice your GE dryer squeaking a time or two right as the machine begins operating, no need to panic. This is normal and should go away on its own after a few minutes.

Another normal sound is the drum of the machine turning. Even if you have a dryer making loud noise, but making these specific noises, you’re in the clear.

Abnormal Dryer Noises

There are a few sounds that come from GE dryers that aren’t normal. For starters, if you hear a thumping or humming sound, you may want to take a closer listen. These probably aren’t normal and could be causing your GE to run inefficiently.

Dryer Is Squealing

When your dryer is emitting a high-pitched squeal, it usually signals friction within the moving parts. This squealing can often be attributed to worn drum bearings or a misaligned or frayed belt.

Regular inspection and lubrication of the drum bearings can prolong their life, while ensuring the belt is properly aligned and in good condition can prevent any misalignment or fraying. When these components show signs of wear and damage, replacing them is crucial to restore the quiet operation of your dryer.

ge dryer makes noise

Dryer Making Loud Rumbling Noise

Rumbling is a sound of distress from your dryer, often originating from worn drum rollers or a loose blower wheel. To tackle this, it’s essential to periodically inspect the drum rollers and blower wheel. Drum rollers need to be in shape and firm, providing proper support to the drum. The blower wheel should be securely attached to avoid any disruptions. Addressing wear and loosening promptly by replacing or tightening the affected parts can keep the rumbling at bay and ensure smooth operation.

Dryer Making a Grinding Noise

Grinding noises signal that something is rubbing or grinding against something it shouldn’t, most likely due to a failing drive motor or worn-out drum glides. Regular maintenance and prompt interventions are key here. Inspect the drum glides and drive motor routinely and replace them if they are worn out or damaged. This not only stops the grinding noise but also prolongs the life of your dryer.

GE Dryer Making Thump Noise

Thumping noises are the heartbeat of an unbalanced dryer drum, often due to worn drum rollers or a faulty idler pulley. To address this, ensure your laundry load is evenly distributed to avoid any imbalance in the drum. Checking the drum rollers and idler pulley for wear and damage and replacing them when needed can help maintain the balance and silence the thump.

ge dryer is loud

Dryer Making Rattling Noise

The rattling of a dryer usually speaks of loose objects or parts within. It’s crucial to inspect the dryer thoroughly for any foreign objects or loose components and secure them properly. Regularly checking for any loose screws or coins and ensuring all parts are securely fastened can help maintain a quiet and efficient dryer.

If you hear squeaking after the dryer is hot and running but it doesn’t squeak when it’s cool, this is a clear sign something may be wrong. Squeaking doesn’t have to be continuous. If you hear it sound short and repetitive, similar to chirping, this is another sign your GE dryer probably isn’t running properly.

Pinpointing Why You Have a GE Dryer Making Noise

Loose Drive Belt

Each dryer has a part called the drive belt. This is a long, thin piece that wraps itself around the dryer drum, around a tension pulley, and then around the drive motor.

This belt can get damaged over time causing it to fray. If the drive belt is damaged it can lead to a GE dryer making noise. Replace the belt if necessary

Worn Dryer Drum Roller

Dryer drums are attached in every dryer out there. They all have two installed in the back and some dryers have two additional in the front. These help support the drum of the machine but can get worn out.

If this is the case, they can lead to a dryer squeaking when drum spins. Inspect each one, and if one or more is damaged or worn, replace all two or four of them at the same time.

Damaged Drum Bearing

Like the drum rollers, drum bearings are located in the rear of the dryer and can get worn out over time.

If you want to figure out if the bearing is the cause of the loud or squeaky dryer, remove the belt and try turning the drum by hand. If anything sounds squeaky or sounds like grinding, or is difficult to turn, chances are, the drum bearing will need to be replaced.

Should your symphonic GE dryer continue to create a ruckus even after you’ve tried these tips, remember, Caesar’s Appliance Service is always here to assist you with expert dryer repair services.