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GE oven broiler not working

Is Your GE Oven Broiler Not Working? This May Be Why…

When your boiler malfunctions, its vital role in baking, roasting, and broiling suddenly becomes crystal clear. Why is my GE oven broiler not working? In gas model ovens, a faulty igniter can prevent it from lighting. Troubleshoot GE oven broiler not working with these tips that specify the problem and solution.

4 Reasons For a GE Oven Broiler Not Working Properly

The most likely reasons for a GE oven broiler not working depends on whether you have a gas or electric oven. Once you pinpoint the cause, a straightforward repair can restore your broiler’s function. But what is broiling, exactly, and how does it cook food? Understanding how this oven function works can help determine the solution when something goes wrong.

What Does a Broiler Do?

Before discussing what’s gone wrong when your GE oven broiler doesn’t work, it’s important to know how it functions properly. Unlike baking and roasting, which surround food with radiant heat from elements above and below, broiling solely provides heat from above. It does so via a gas or electric heating element on top of the oven’s interior. Like grilling, this gives food a brown and crispy exterior with rapid cooking and high heat. 

What foods are best for broiling? Lean meats like strip steak, fish fillets, and chicken breasts emerge juicy and browned. As it can quickly give foods a golden crust, broiling is also ideal for finishing casseroles, baked pasta, and slower-cooked meats.

troubleshoot GE oven broiler not working

Burned Out Broil Element

A burned-out broil element is a common reason for an electric GE oven broiler not working. This metal element on top of the oven’s interior generates heat when its wiring receives electrical current. When the broil element is functioning properly, it emits a steady, even heat and has a uniform red glow. However, if the wires inside the broil element burn out, it won’t heat evenly or may not provide any heat at all. In this case, the element can’t be repaired and must be professionally replaced.

Signs of a burned-out broil element include:

  • Unevenly cooked food: When baking or roasting, food may be underdone on top while broiled foods will remain raw.
  • Damage: Breakage, cracks or burnt spots are common when the broil element malfunctions.
  • Interrupted red glow: The element may be completely dark or only glow in spots.

A burned-out broil element is a common source of oven damage caused by using self-cleaning option. Consequently, we recommend using a natural cleaning method to avoid broil element malfunctions.

Faulty Igniter

Some gas model ovens use an igniter to light the broiler burner. To do so, the igniter must generate enough electricity to glow and ignite the gas flowing through the burner. If the igniter’s glow is too weak or it doesn’t glow at all, the broiler won’t ignite.

Observe the igniter as it attempts to light the broiler. If there is no glow or the broiler takes longer than 90 seconds to ignite, the igniter may be faulty. If multimeter testing confirms a problem with a lack of continuity, it must be replaced.

Bake or Broil Spark Electrode

Other gas ovens use a spark electrode to ignite the gas in the broiler burner. When it receives enough electrical power, the spark electrode generates a spark that lights the gas. However, if the spark electrode is damaged or fails electronically, its spark may be too weak to ignite the gas. If there is no spark, you’ll find the broiler not heating up at all.

The spark electrode is usually located next to the broiler burner. If it appears damaged, it must be replaced. If the electrode isn’t damaged, it’s possible an outside electrical issue is preventing the electrode from sensing the gas in the burner. In this case, a professional oven repair service should assess the oven’s electrical outlet and the spark electrode.

The professionals at Caesar’s Appliance Sales & Service can fix a GE oven broiler not working with the right repair. Call or schedule your service online today!