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GE refrigerator door won't close

GE Refrigerator Door Won’t Close? Try This

If your GE refrigerator door won’t close, you may have a problem with the door hinges, the door gasket, or something else. In this blog post, we will walk you through some troubleshooting tips to help you solve the problem.

Why Won’t My GE Refrigerator Door Close?

There are a few potential reasons why your GE refrigerator door might not be closing correctly. Let’s take a look at each one.

Is Something Blocking the Fridge Door?

One potential problem is that something is blocking the fridge door. If your GE refrigerator door won’t stay shut, look for any obstructions first. If a drawer isn’t fully closed can prevent the door will not close all the way. Move any objects that may interfere with the closing path of the door. Don’t overfill your refrigerator to the point where containers stick out from the shelves.

How to Properly Level a GE Refrigerator

Another potential problem is that your refrigerator isn’t level. If your GE Refrigerator isn’t level, the doors won’t close automatically. Use a level to check both the front and the back of your refrigerator. The doors have an automatic-closing feature, but they only work properly when the fridge is level.

If your GE refrigerator has leveling legs, you can adjust them with a screwdriver. Use a level to check that the front of the refrigerator is ¼” higher than the back.

Other GE refrigerators have rollers that can be adjusted higher or lower with a leveling screw behind the base grille. Using a ⅜ socket wrench by turning the screw clockwise to raise them or counterclockwise to lower them.

Check the Refrigerator Door Gasket

If your GE refrigerator door won’t close, the next thing to check is the door gasket. The gasket is a seal around the perimeter of the door that helps keep cold air in. A torn or damaged gasket can cause the door not to close properly, therefore causing the refrigerator run more.

refrigerator door not closing

Inspect the gasket for any rips or tears. Then clean it with a mild soap and water solution if it’s dirty. Test the seal by placing a dollar bill in the refrigerator door. Leave half of it sticking out when the door is closed. If you can pull the dollar bill out easily, the gasket’s seal is probably not sufficient.

Does Your GE Refrigerator Have Faulty Door Hinges?

If the door still won’t close, there may be a problem with the door hinges. The hinges may become misaligned over time, causing the doors to not close properly. The hinge spacers may come loose or break. This can cause you to see an uneven gap between the refrigerator and freezer doors.

If you suspect that your GE refrigerator door hinges are the problem, we recommend calling a professional. Caesar’s Appliance has a team of GE refrigerator repair experts who are ready to help. Give us a call!