We all love our glass cooktops and want them to stay clean and pristine. You should know how to clean a glass range top without scratching it or causing damage that could lead to further problems down the road. So we’ve broken down the task into a few stress-free steps to take the hassle out of cleaning your glass range top.

How to Clean a Glass Range Top in 5 Steps

Cleaning your glass range is not just for visual appeal, but also to protect the cooktop from damage caused by scratching, debris, and neglect. The top of your glass range needs to be kept clean in order to function optimally.

To know how to clean a glass range top without scratching it, you need to first gather your tools and cleaners. Then follow these steps to get the job done right!

Warning: Always wait until your glass range top is completely cool before cleaning to prevent burns.

Materials Needed

  • gloves
  • liquid dish soap
  • baking soda
  • kitchen/tea towels
  • sponge/soft cloth
  • buffing/microfiber cloth
  • bowl for hot water

Step #1 – Sprinkle Glass Range Top with Baking Soda

If you have debris left on the stove, use a paper towel to remove it. Place a couple of kitchen towels into a bowl of hot water to soak and set aside.

Clean a glass stovetop without all the elbow grease by letting the power of baking soda lend a hand. Generously cover the top of the stove with a healthy layer of baking soda.

clean a glass stovetop

Image from Clean My Space


Step #2 – Steam Stove Top With Hot Towels

The greatest tip for how to clean a glass range top is to use steaming towels. Activate the power of the baking soda by covering the top of the stove with hot steaming towels and let sit for 15-30 minutes, depending on the severity of the soil.

clean a glass cooktop

Step #3 – Wipe Range Top With Towels

Once the hot steam and baking soda have loosened the food soil, continue to clean a glass cooktop by using those hot towels to wipe off the stove. Use a snake-like pattern to trap remaining debris inside the towels as you wipe.

clean a glass cooktop

Step #4 – Wipe Range Down With Soft Cloth

Step 4 in how to clean a glass range top is simply a second wipe down with a damp sponge or soft cloth to remove the rest of the food particles, baking soda, and grime.

clean a glass cooktop

Step #5 – Buff Glass Stove Top

Once everything is clean and wiped down well, use a microfiber or other soft, dry cloth to buff the glass, restoring its shine and luster.

clean a glass range

Click here to watch Melissa Maker’s Clean My Space video on how to clean a glass range top.

Now that you are savvy on how to clean a glass range top, you can enjoy your clean kitchen and stove before your next culinary adventure! You should always clean your glass range top after each use to ensure proper function and performance.

If your glass range is in need of range repair service beyond what you are comfortable with, it’s best to hire a professional to diagnose and fix what’s wrong. Our technicians at Caesar’s Appliance Service are highly qualified to handle your appliance needs both in and out of the kitchen.