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LG refrigerator water smells bad

6 Tips For When Your LG Refrigerator Ice Smells Bad

Bad smells can be hard to ignore, especially when they’re right under your nose in an icy beverage. But when your LG refrigerator ice smells bad identifying the source of the smell is going to require a little troubleshooting. We’ll narrow down the most likely causes, like tap water issues or a dirty water filter, and how to fix the problem.

Refrigerator Ice Smells Bad? This Could Be Why

Though there are several possible causes when your LG refrigerator ice smells bad, most have simple solutions. We’ll detail how a few adjustments and some basic maintenance can make ice odor disappear.

#1. Tap Water Issues

If your LG refrigerator water smells bad, it’s best to start with the source. Sometimes the problem originates with your tap water and not the refrigerator. Since the refrigerator uses this water to make ice, bad smelling tap water can affect ice quality even with a refrigerator water filter.

Contaminants like minerals and chemicals can affect the taste and smell of tap water. If this is the case and you need to know how to fix bad tasting water from refrigerator, consult your utility company to arrange for water testing. You may also want to consider purchasing a home water filtration system.

refrigerator ice smells bad

#2. New Water Lines

If your LG refrigerator water tastes bad after the refrigerator was newly installed, the water lines may be the reason. Sometimes dust and debris from installation or the new line itself may cause water to have a different odor or taste.

To rid the line of contaminants and prep it for first time use, dispense and dispose of the first two gallons of water. This should flush the line and dispel any bad odors or tastes.

#3. Open Food Containers

Did you know that ice can absorb odor from the food around it? If there are open food containers or poorly wrapped items in the freezer or refrigerator ice can take on these tastes and smells. Here’s how to remove food odor from the freezer and refrigerator when your LG refrigerator ice smells bad:

  • Remove any open containers or old, unused food and dispose of them.
  • Give the refrigerator and freezer a good cleaning with a clean cloth and mild cleanser.
  • Place an unopened box of baking soda in both the freezer and refrigerator. Keep the box sealed to prevent baking soda particles from affecting the taste and smell of ice.
  • Make sure food is properly sealed in airtight containers.

#4. Stale or Old Ice Cubes

Just like food, ice can get stale if it goes unused. When ice sits in the ice bin it’s more likely to take on odor or absorb food particles, even becoming moldy. When this happens, you’ll notice that LG refrigerator ice tastes bad or has a strange smell. The same issue can affect the water lines, leaving any residual water in the line with a bad smell or taste. 

If your ice and water have been sitting unused, we suggest disposing of the old ice in the ice bin. Rinse the bin with soap and warm water and dry completely before replacing. Flush the water lines by dispensing and disposing of two gallons of water.

#5. Dirty LG Water Filter

Your LG water filter screens contaminants from tap water to produce cleaner drinking water and ice. However, over time, these contaminants can accumulate in the filter and prevent it from screening properly. When this happens your water or ice may contain impurities that affect its taste and smell. You may also notice your ice maker not producing enough ice, as a clogged filter can restrict the ice maker’s water supply.

To prevent these outcomes it’s recommended that you change your refrigerator water filter every 6 months. You may need to change the filter more frequently if your ice or water has a bad smell or taste.

#6. Clean Your LG Refrigerator Ice Maker

When you your ice maker smells like mildew, a good cleaning can solve the problem. Here’s how to clean your ice maker quickly and easily to get rid of odor:

  1. Turn the ice maker off.
  2. Empty the ice bin, disposing of any ice.
  3. Wash the bin in warm soapy water or with a mild cleanser. Dry the bin completely.
  4. Wipe down the ice maker itself with a cloth dipped in warm, soapy water.
  5. Use a 1:1 solution of vinegar and water to cut through stubborn odors.
  6. Dry the ice maker thoroughly with a clean cloth.
  7. Replace the ice bin.
  8. Turn on the ice maker.

If your refrigerator ice smells bad after these troubleshooting tips, it may be time for a professional assessment. For the very best in LG refrigerator repair Costa Mesa call Caesar’s Appliance Service.