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Laundry 101: Steam Dryer vs Regular Dryer

As appliance technology quality improves, it can be harder for the average consumer to determine what they really need. A prime example is the steam dryer’s recent claims to multiple laundry benefits. But are these steam dryer benefits worth it? In considering a steam dryer vs. regular dryer, we’ll review their similarities and differences in removing odor and wrinkles, energy efficiency, and cost.

Points to Consider in the Steam Dryer vs.
Regular Dryer Debate

New laundry technology can lead to numerous debates from a top load vs. front-load washer to a steam dryer vs. regular dryer. To help you decide your next dryer purchase, we’ll examine some steam dryer pros and cons.

Wrinkle Removal Capability

In the discussion of a steam dryer vs. regular dryer, one of the benefits of steam dryers is their ability to remove wrinkles. A regular dryer simply circulates hot air to dry wet clothing. While this process can remove light wrinkling, heavier lines remain that require ironing or dry-cleaning.

Meanwhile, a steam dryer’s steam feature lightly sprays water during a hot drying cycle to create steam. The steam penetrates clothing, softening it to the point where it releases creases and folds. If you have numerous articles of clothing that require ironing, a steam dryer’s superior wrinkle removal capability could be beneficial.

Odor Removal Ability

As the steam cycle’s steam penetrates clothing to remove wrinkles, it can also eliminate odor-causing bacteria. This ability gives you the option of simply freshening a shirt in the dryer as opposed to washing it every time it’s worn.

In theory, this can save time and energy for frequently worn favorites and necessities like uniforms. It can also eliminate the need for dryer sheets that can add up in cost over time.

Regular dryers do not have the odor removing ability of a steam dryer, as circulating hot air doesn’t kill odor-causing germs. Consequently, clothing still has to be washed and dried to truly freshen them after a wearing. Dryer sheets can also be required to eliminate or disguise odor with a fresher scent.

steam dryer vs regular dryer

Energy Efficiency

Despite having the extra steam clean feature, steam dryers have been shown to use the same amount of energy as regular dryers. Consequently, when considering a steam dryer vs. regular dryer, they are virtually the same in their energy efficiency.

If energy efficiency is one of your primary concerns when purchasing a dryer, drying times are an essential consideration. We suggest looking into models that offer shorter drying times.

Steam Dryer vs. Regular Dryer Cost

The upfront cost of a steam dryer is more expensive than a regular dryer. However, there may be long-term savings for you over the life of a steam dryer.

Steam drying can eliminate the need for time-consuming ironing and expensive dry cleaning. Freshening an article of clothing with a quick steam in the dryer can also save time and energy, removing the need for a wash cycle.

So, is a steam dryer worth it? The most important consideration is really what’s best for your personal laundry needs. Whether you’re deciding between a steam dryer vs. regular dryer or searching for the best dryer repair Laguna Niguel, Caesar’s Appliance Sales & Service can answer your needs.