what does open box appliance mean

What Does Open Box Appliance Mean?

If you want to find a killer deal on an appliance, there are some key discounts to look for. Lots of folks hunt for holiday sales, clearance deals, and used appliances. But what does open box appliance mean?

What Does Open Box Appliance Mean?

Open box appliances are like-new appliances that may have been returned by a customer, suffered damage during shipment, sat around as a floor display, or somehow obtained small cosmetic defects such as scratches or dings. These like-new appliances can no longer be sold as new, so they are sold as “Open Box” appliances with a huge reduction in price.

Why Buy Open Box Appliances

There is a common misunderstanding about refurbished vs. open box appliances. To be clear, open box appliances are not used, nor are they refurbished. Open box simply refers to like-new appliances that have minor aesthetic blemishes and therefore cannot be sold at full retail price.

You can purchase virtually any major kitchen or laundry appliance as an open box model: refrigerators, dishwasher, ovens, ranges, washers, and dryers.

So why should you buy open box appliances? Buying open box appliances is a great way to save money on appliances when you want to find something nice. For example, if you want a high-end appliance you can receive a huge discount when purchased as open box. Insignificant blemishes equal money in the customer’s pocket. Most of us can live with a few minor blemishes if it means we get a fantastic deal.

If a more basic model is what you’re looking for, you can take what was already affordable and get a steal of a deal. You’ll have the peace of mind to know that the appliance is not used or refurbished, and still has a valid warranty.

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What to Look for In Open Box Appliances

What does open box appliance mean? It means you need to pay attention to what you are buying, for one. Ask questions. Look at details. You want to find an appliance that is clean, has minimal damage, and a valid warranty.

Small dings, surface scratches, or a decal not aligned perfectly won’t hinder the functionality of the appliance in any way. Furthermore, many of the cosmetic blemishes are in areas you would never notice anyway, especially once they are installed in your home.

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Where to Buy Open Box Appliances

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