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When buying a new dryer, how well it dries clothes is usually the top priority. However, while both gas and electric dryers perform equally well, there are differences between the two that can influence your purchase. So, do I need a gas or electric dryer if I have a large family? A gas dryer’s faster speed and greater efficiency can be an asset when drying multiple loads per week. Determine the differences between a Whirlpool gas vs electric dryer to make the best choice for your needs.

Deciding Between a Whirlpool Gas vs Electric Dryer: What You Need to Know

Modern Whirlpool dryers offer so much in new technology that there are multiple points to consider. From debating between a steam dryer or regular dryer to gas or electric options, it’s hard to know what factors are most important. We’ll examine some key pros and cons when comparing a Whirlpool gas vs electric dryer to inform your decision fully.

How Does a Whirlpool Gas vs Electric Dryer Work?

Gas dryers generate heat using a gas burner, though electricity is also required to power the drum motor, fan, control panel, and lights. This means that gas dryers require both a connection to an outside gas line as well as a 110V electrical outlet. Given the need for an outside gas connection, a professional must install a gas dryer. If your home doesn’t have one, establishing a new gas connection also requires professional assistance and extensive venting.

By contrast, an electric dryer generates heat via an electric coil. Electricity also powers all of the dryer’s other functions, requiring nothing more than a 240V outlet and minimal to no venting. Consequently, installation is typically more convenient, requiring little to no professional assistance. 

whirlpool gas vs electric dryer
Image Credit: Whirlpool

Which Dries Clothes Faster?

When deciding between a gas or electric dryer, drying speed is a key consideration.

Gas dryers can generate more heat than electric models, enabling them to dry clothes faster. They operate at a higher temperature, and drying times are more gentle on clothes.

Electric dryers have a coil that takes longer to heat up, causing longer drying times. In addition, these coils don’t generate as much heat as gas options. Longer drying times also translate to increased wear and tear on clothing.

Is a Gas or Electric Dryer More Efficient?

Comparing the efficiency of a Whirlpool gas vs. electric dryer somewhat depends on the cost of gas vs. electricity in certain areas.

Generally speaking, gas dryers are typically less expensive to operate than electric dryers. Additionally, gas dryers tend to have shorter drying times than electric dryers. Therefore, when considering an electric vs. gas dryer, the gas model is generally more efficient.

gas or electric dryer
Image Credit: Whirlpool

Are Gas or Electric Dryers Best for Large Families?

Assuming that larger families generate more laundry, a gas dryer may have greater benefits. The increased energy efficiency and faster drying times can decrease costs and maximize convenience when drying multiple loads per week.

That being said, are you wondering, “what type of dryer should I buy if I don’t have a large family?” While other considerations may impact you more, even smaller families can benefit from a gas dryer’s efficiency and speed.

Which Costs More: A Gas or Electric Dryer?

A list of gas vs. electric dryers’ pros and cons wouldn’t be complete without comparing costs.

Gas dryers usually have a higher purchase price and increased installation costs. However, their greater efficiency, speed, and generally lower gas rates may decrease costs over the machine’s life.

Electric dryers are usually $50-$100 less than the average gas dryer, making for a lower upfront purchase price. However, higher electricity rates, increased energy consumption, and longer drying times can lead to higher overall costs.

Maintenance and service repairs will be necessary from time to time for either a Whirlpool gas vs. electric dryer. However, Caesar’s Mission Viejo service technicians are experts in Whirlpool dryer repair and are ready to get your Whirlpool dryer up and running again. So whichever type of Whirlpool dryer you choose, you can be confident that our technicians can help you when needed.