Sub-Zero Repair Laguna Niguel, CA

Sub-Zero Repair Laguna Niguel CA

Sub-Zero refrigerators are, without a doubt, among the highest-quality residential appliances available today. Nothing says elegance, sophistication, and performance quite like a kitchen that features one of their incredible refrigerators. Unfortunately, even the best machines break down sometimes. That’s why if you’re in need of Sub-Zero repair Laguna Niguel, your best choice is to call Caesar’s Appliance Sales & Service right away.

Our professional Laguna Niguel Sub-Zero repair technicians have years of experience servicing the brand. There’s no break, failure, or malfunction that we haven’t seen before, and that we can’t fix fast at an affordable rate. Caesar’s services the brand’s entire line of high-end refrigerators, so no matter which product you own, we can get it back up and running in no time.

Regardless of whether your refrigerator is leaking from the door or has stopped cooling altogether, call us now or schedule a service appointment online. Our expert technicians service the following refrigerator styles:

We Repair All Sub-Zero Refrigerator Configurations

sub zero styles

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Why Caesar's for Sub-Zero Repair Laguna Niguel?

When you decide to purchase a high-end refrigerator, you’re not just buying an appliance; you’re making an investment. With proper care and maintenance, a Sub-Zero unit should last a lifetime. No machine is perfect though, and the chances are that at some point every refrigerator will break down. Luckily, Caesar’s Appliance is here to provide you with first-class Sub-Zero repair in Laguna Niguel service!

Caesar’s has been providing fast, affordable high-end refrigerator repair to the Laguna Niguel community for nearly 50 years. Our local service technicians are experienced, well-trained, and carry hundreds of common parts on their service vehicles. Our goal is to complete your repair in just one visit. There’s no Sub-Zero repair Laguna Niguel issue that we aren’t prepared for!

Call Caesar’s Appliance Sales & Service Laguna Niguel if your refrigerator is experiencing any of these common problems:

  • refrigerator not cooling
  • refrigerator isn’t making ice
  • refrigerator making loud noise
  • refrigerator won’t defrost
  • refrigerator leaking water
  • refrigerator runs continuously
  • refrigerator freezing food
  • refrigerator door gasket damaged

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Not Cooling

It’s the one problem you hoped and prayed your refrigerator would never have. If your refrigerator does stop cooling though, you need to address it quickly. Throwing away all of that food can be extremely expensive, so when you notice a problem, call Caesar’s right away.

What causes a refrigerator not cooling issue?

  • Main control board defective
  • Start relay malfunction
  • Compressor has failed
  • Dirty condenser coils
  • Condenser fan motor broken
  • Defective thermostat

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Runs Constantly

Want to hear the most annoying sound in the world? Try taking a nap next to a refrigerator that won’t stop running. Not only is the noise irritating, but what’s causing the problem can also make your electrical bill go up. Contact Caesar’s as soon as you notice your unit running all day and night.

What causes a refrigerator to run constantly?

  • Evaporator fan motor failure
  • Defrost timer malfunction
  • Freezer temperature above 10° F
  • Defrost heater assembly error
  • Refrigerator door gasket damaged
  • Condenser coils are dirty

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Won't Defrost

Your refrigerator doesn’t have to stop cooling for it to cost you money. If your unit stops defrosting, your food will start to go bad over time as the problem gets worse. Avoid the hassle and extra expense by letting Caesar’s Appliance Service take care of your Laguna Niguel Sub-Zero repair service today!

What causes a refrigerator to stop defrosting?

  • Defrost timer error
  • Defrost thermostat defective
  • Defrost control board malfunction
  • Defrost sensor fuse blown
  • Defrost heater assembly broken
  • Main control board failure

Great Reviews

“Just had David from Cesar’s fix our frig. Identified the problem, had the right fan and did it in 30 min. Great job, fair price and now my ice cream is cold and not a milkshake. Thanks, guys.” 

Ron F.

“Gary came out to look at my 8 yr old counter depth GE refrigerator. As disappointed as I was about having a refrigerator that is not worth fixing, I really appreciated Gary’s knowledge and thorough explanation that he gave me. And Caesar’s was $40 cheaper than having a GE technician, too! Will continue to call Caesar’s for appliance repair!” 
Joyce S.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Maintenance Tip

The best piece of advice that we can give when it comes to maintaining your refrigerator is to clean your condenser coils regularly. Most manufacturers recommend that you clean them once or twice a year to prevent most issues associated with dirty coils. This is one of the most important things you can do to prevent common Sub-Zero repair Laguna Niguel issues.

The coils are located behind the grill. Unplug your refrigerator, then use a special condenser coil brush or something similar to remove all of the built-up debris. Reinstall your coils, plug the unit back in, and you’re done!

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