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Washer Repair Laguna Niguel, CA​

How you do laundry has come a long way since the invention of the washing machine.

Instead of spending hours handwashing clothes, you can just press a button and go about your day. If your washer decides to quit, it can disrupt your entire routine and you’ll need a washer repair Laguna Niguel CA technician fast.

The good news is, you’ve found Caesar’s Appliance Sales & Service! We are the leading washer repair Orange County experts. For 50 years we’ve provided excellence in customer service and washing machine repair. When you need a reliable appliance repair company, you know Caesar’s Appliance Sales & Service is there to take the call.


Our mission is to provide old-fashioned customer service on the latest technology of today.

Washer Repair Laguna Niguel CA Troubleshooting Tips​

We understand how important it is to get your washing machine up and running again. That’s why you need a washer repair Laguna Niguel CA expert that can work on your unit quickly and at an affordable rate.

If you’re handy, you can troubleshoot simple washing machine problems before you give Caesar’s Appliance Sales & Service a call. You may even be able to resolve some of the most common Orange County washer repair issues yourself!

When your washer doesn’t spin, your clothes won’t be cleaned as well as they should be. Call for washer repair in Orange County to fix these common part failures:

  • Faulty Lid Switch
  • Broken Drive Belt
  • Failed Drive Motor

Maintenance Tip: Don’t overload your washer. The extra weight wears down parts prematurely.

If you’ve noticed your washer smells like mildew, your clothes probably do too. Prevent problems like a washer smells moldy with these tips after every load:

  • Remove clothes promptly
  • Wipe down the gasket
  • Use the correct detergent

Prevention Tip: Don’t use too much detergent. Soap residue promotes bacteria and mold growth.

Nothing is more frustrating than when your washer won’t drain. Luckily, there are only a few reasons why this happens. We often see these parts as the cause:

  • Clogged Drain Hose
  • Broken Door Lock
  • Clogged Drain Pump

Prevention Tip: Remove all objects from pockets before throwing them in the wash to prevent clogs.

Washer Repair Laguna Niguel

Professional Washer Repair Laguna Niguel CA for Major Brands

When you hire a washer repair Laguna Niguel CA tech, you need to know they are trained to service your brand and model of washer. We work on all washing machine configurations including top loading, front loading, and stackable units.


At Caesar’s Appliance Sales & Service we repair all the following brands (and more):