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KITCHENAID 1.4 cu. ft. Built-In Microwave in Stainless Steel

KITCHENAID 1.4 cu. ft. Built-In Microwave in Stainless Steel



  • 1.4 cu. ft. capacity provides large cooking capacity while complementing your convection oven
  • Cook your favorite foods quickly and thoroughly with 900-Watt of cooking power, 1600-Watt of convection power, and 1600-Watt of grill power
  • Touch-screen controls and a digital display make it simple to interact with and control the microwave
  • CrispWave Technology and a Crisper Pan allow the microwave oven to be used for grilling, frying, and convection cooking. The specially designed crisper pan can be used to brown, crisp, and pan-fry foods
  • Convection cooking circulates heat around the oven cavity with a 1600-Watt convection element that allows baking at temperatures up to 450°F
  • EasyConvect Conversion System takes the guesswork out of convection cooking by ensuring exceptional results when experimenting with new recipes or familiar favorites
  • A broil element combines the high power and even coverage needed to achieve results similar to outdoor grilling results
  • A sensor microwave oven cycle allows for precise steaming or simmering based on the food type and doneness level selected. The microwave includes a steamer container to help you get the best results
  • Specialty settings including Crisp, Popcorn, and Soften/Melt help you control how your food is cooked so it comes out delicious time after time
  • The stainless steel interior not only helps you keep your microwave oven its cleanest but also allows for more even distribution of the microwaves
  • This stunning microwave oven features Satin Textured Handles, Precision Touch Controls, and a Chrome Inlaid Frame, plus the KitchenAid Badge and KitchenAid Brand Medallion. These are only a few of the features that make for a bold blend of professionally inspired styling with sleek touches for the home

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