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Whether it’s a slow decline or a sudden stop, the life of an appliance eventually ends, impacting your routine and budget. How long do appliances last before they break down? While the average appliance lifespan is about 10 years, the right use and care can make a difference. Learn how long your major appliances should last, ways to extend their life and how to determine when a replacement is necessary.

Your Questions Answered: How Long Do Appliances Last?

How long do appliances last? What can I do to maximize their life and how do I know when it’s the end of the line? Knowing the answers to these common questions can improve appliance lifespans and prepare your mind and wallet for its inevitable last day. 

FAQ #1. What is the Average Life of Household Appliances?

Buying a large appliance is an investment we make expecting years of trouble-free use. But how long do appliances last to justify the cost and achieve maximum usage?

These are the average life expectancies of the household appliances we use every day:

  • Refrigerators: 8-10 years. Your hardworking refrigerator operates 24/7 to keep food fresh, making its lifespan somewhat shorter than other appliances. Advanced filtration systems, computerized controls, and ice and water dispensers add convenience but also wear and tear.
  • Dishwashers: 10-13 years. Modern dishwasher filters and spray arms require cleaning and maintenance that weren’t necessary for their older counterparts. Daily use can also shorten its lifespan.
  • Ovens and ranges: 10-15 years. Gas units have fewer components than electrical ovens and ranges, giving them a slightly longer life expectancy.
  • Washers: 10-13 years. While front loading washers are more efficient, top loading models utilize fewer moving parts, making them last longer.
  • Dryers: 10-13 years. Constant use and a lack of maintenance can shorten the life of your dryer. 

FAQ #2. How Do I Extend the Life of My Appliances?

How long do appliances last if you care for them correctly? They’re more likely to reach the maximum end of their lifespan, or surpass it, with proper maintenance.

Here’s how to extend your appliance life expectancy with the right use and care:

  • Refrigerators: How long does a refrigerator last when correctly maintained? You can get over a decade of use by cleaning refrigerator coils every 6-12 months. This lessens wear and tear on the compressor and improves efficiency.
  • Dishwashers: Clean your dishwasher on a monthly basis to remove moldy buildup that can jeopardize components and cause an unpleasant odor.
  • Ovens and ranges: Clean dirty range burners regularly, unclogging burner ports with a pin and washing burner caps as your user manual recommends. Avoid oven malfunctions by using a natural oven cleaner instead of the high temperatures of the self-clean cycle.
  • Washers: Washing machine maintenance is especially important for front-loading models. Clean the rubber gasket on a monthly basis to prevent moldy buildup and clean the drain pump filter regularly to prevent obstructions.
  • Dryers: You should clean clogged dryer vents with a vacuum’s hose attachment or appliance brush at least once a year to maintain airflow.

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FAQ #3. Should I Repair or Replace My Appliances?

While small repairs can be expected during the life of an appliance, there comes a time when replacement is the better decision. Part of understanding appliance lifespans includes knowing when it’s time to let go. 

Consider these factor when deciding whether to repair or replace your appliance:

  • Cost: Generally speaking, if the cost of a repair is half or more of the price of a new appliance, it should be replaced.
  • Age: An appliance that’s over 15 years old should probably be replaced the next time it malfunctions. A product this old has likely decreased its efficiency and will require more frequent and costly repairs.
  • Type of repair: Whether you use a professional service or attempt a DIY fix, the time and labor required of a repair is an important factor. Depending on the hours and effort involved, a replacement may be the better option.

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