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how to clean refrigerator coils

How to Clean Refrigerator Coils in 5 Easy Steps

Maintaining your refrigerator is one of the most important tasks in the kitchen. If you want your refrigerator to stay cool and operate at peak performance, having clean refrigerator coils is the way to go. We’ll show you how to clean refrigerator coils in 15 minutes.

Get Clean Refrigerator Coils in 5 Steps

Refrigerator and other appliance maintenance is the best way to prolong the life of your appliances. Maintain your refrigerator performance with clean condenser coils by following these simple steps.

Step #1 – Unplug Refrigerator and Grab a Mask

The first and most important refrigerator maintenance tips is to unplug the appliance to be safe. Once the appliance is disconnected from the power supply, pull it away from the wall. Don’t forget before you clean refrigerator coils to don a mask to protect yourself against breathing dust and debris – you’ll thank us later.

dirty condenser coils
Image from Green Living Ideas


Step #2 – Locate Condenser Coils

Condenser coils have a snake-like design and carry the refrigerant that keeps everything on the inside nice and cold. When these coils get clogged up with dust and debris, they can’t do their job. Clean refrigerator coils allow your refrigerator to run properly without eating up excess electricity.

Many refrigerators have a removable toe guard on the bottom front of the appliance. Remove the toe guard for easy access to coils that are underneath the unit.

If your refrigerator has coils in the back of the unit they will be easy to see.

refrigerator maintenance tips
Image from HOUSEtipster


Step #3 – Vacuum Dust & Debris

Vacuum all dust and debris that you can see on the back and underneath of the refrigerator. Use a narrow vacuum attachment to reach into the nooks and crannies of the hardware. This will remove the loose particles and allow you to see what needs further attention.

Step #4 – Brush Condenser Coils

To clean refrigerator coils you need an appliance cleaning brush, which you can purchase on Amazon so you’re ready to get down to business on cleaning day.

After vacuuming, brush the coils and other hardware to loosen the stuck on dust and debris. The brush is narrow and will fit around tiny crevices, getting things nice and clean. The better you brush, the better chance you give the condenser coils to do their job.

refrigerator coil cleaning brush
Photo Credit: Home Depot

Step #5 – Vacuum and Reposition

Once you have brushed the coils and hardware, give the vacuum one last run to remove the remaining dust particles that you have loosened with the brush. Be sure to vacuum the flooring behind the refrigerator and around the base.

Now that you have clean refrigerator coils, plug the refrigerator back into the outlet and return the fridge to its rightful place. If you removed the toe guard, give it a good cleaning while before returning it to the bottom of the unit.

Wait 24 hours for the full effects of clean refrigerator coils to work their magic. You should see a significant increase in performance.

Have you cleaned the coils only to notice no improvement? There may be more going on. Contact your local refrigerator repair technician for service before you throw in the towel.