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halloween events orange county

Halloween Events Orange County – Your Ultimate Guide

If you’re wondering whether Halloween is cancelled in Orange County this year, you’re not alone. While most of these events have been cancelled in 2021 due to COVID-19, there are still plenty of fun and safe activities to partake in at home. Carve spooky pumpkins Host a family Halloween movie night Have a Halloween scavenger

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what are Energy Star appliances

What Are Energy Star Appliances?

While many of us are familiar with the Energy Star label on appliances, its meaning may still be a bit of a mystery. What are Energy Star Appliances? These products use less energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and utility costs, without sacrificing performance. Learn more about Energy Star appliances’ meaning and benefits, as well as

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What do you put on third rack of dishwasher

What is the Third Rack in a Dishwasher For?

Many consider the addition of a third rack to be one of the best dishwasher features. But, if you’ve never had this type of design, you may be wondering what is the third rack in a dishwasher for? A third rack holds cutlery and cooking utensils, providing more space on the bottom rack by replacing

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