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most reliable dishwasher features

6 Most Used Dishwasher Features

The modern advancements of today’s dishwashers aren’t just bells and whistles, they provide a variety of helpful options. What are the most used dishwasher features to look for in a new purchase? Many have more wash cycles than ever before, with options for sanitizing or washing just a half-load to save water and energy. Learn more about these new conveniences to optimize your buying choices in our dishwasher features review.

What Are the Most Used Dishwasher Features?

The most used dishwasher features save time, energy, and water, doing so more quickly and quietly than ever before. However, it can be overwhelming to consider every possibility when making a new purchase. Our experts detail the dishwasher options that offer the most convenience so you can make the best choice for your kitchen.

1. Specialized Jets

Do you wash multiple baby bottles per day or use several casserole or baking dishes in a week? If so, a dishwasher that offers specialized jets can certainly make life easier. Some dishwashers offer bottle-washing jets that allow you to clip the bottles directly over them, ensuring that they’re clean. Others provide jets that are made for cleaning the hard-to-reach corners of baking dishes. Both eliminate the need to hand wash these frequently-used items, saving time and effort.

2. More Wash and Dry Cycles

Not all dishes are created equal and some wash loads have particular needs when it comes to getting clean. That’s why the latest dishwashers can offer up to 9 new wash settings for specific loads, utilizing different wash times or temperatures.

These washing and drying cycles are some of the most used dishwasher features:

  • Power Wash: This setting offers longer wash and drying times, with more water and higher temperatures for heavily-soiled items. However, if you pre-rinse your dishes by hand, this is one of the dishwasher features to avoid in favor of something more useful.
  • Half-wash: When you only have a few dishes to wash, this cycle utilizes just one jet for the upper or lower rack. Using less water and energy in a shorter time period translates to both time and money saved.
  • Sanitize: Using water temperatures of 140-150℉ and longer drying times, this setting kills 99% of bacteria, providing an asset in cold and flu season.

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3. Noise Insulation

Since the kitchen is a common gathering place, a quiet dishwasher is essential to hearing a conversation. Dishwasher noise is measured in decibels and we suggest choosing a model that runs at a decibel level under 50 dBA. One of the most attractive LG dishwasher features is its ability to operate under 40 dBA, making it one of the quietest models available.

4. Third Rack

A third rack is quickly becoming one of the most reliable dishwasher features. This shallow rack at the top of the dishwasher is designed for washing silverware and serving utensils in a horizontal position. Not only does this feature clean these items more thoroughly, it frees up space on the lower rack below.

5. Wine Stem Holders

Most dishwashers provide a plastic piece on the top rack that holds stemware in place. However, newer dishwashers offer redesigned holders that wrap around the stem, providing a truly secure hold. If you entertain frequently, washing numerous wine glasses, this feature can save time and provide peace of mind.

6. Automatic Door Opening

Opening the door at the end of a wash cycle can let out the steam and moisture that inhibits drying. One of the most used dishwasher features on newer models is an automatic door opening at the end of a wash cycle. Opening the door with 5-15 minutes left in the wash speeds up drying, leaves fewer watermarks, and saves time and energy.

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The team at Caesar’s Appliance Sales and Service are the dishwasher experts. From analyzing the most used dishwasher features to assessing repairs, we have all the answers!