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best referigerator features

5 Best Refrigerator Features for 2021

The latest refrigerator innovations go beyond just chilling food, providing conveniences that make life easier. What are the best refrigerator features of 2021? Five door designs offer 2 exterior pull out drawers for easier storage and access. The following guide provides a thorough refrigerator features comparison so you can make the best purchase for your lifestyle.

Determining the Best Refrigerator Features

The best refrigerator features increase efficiency, enhance cooling and upgrade convenience. The following innovations revamp this essential kitchen workhorse for 2021 with technology that improves its performance and our daily life.

5 Door Design

A 5 door configuration is one of those refrigerator features and benefits you don’t know you need until you have it. In addition to French doors and a bottom freezer door, these refrigerators include two exterior drawers for easier storage. This 5 door design keeps the larger French doors closed when selecting commonly-used items, increasing efficiency. The easy pull-out drawers also enable your family to grab-and-go with ease.

Brand Highlight:

Whirlpool, the largest of all the American appliance brands, offers a refrigerator epitomizing the ease and convenience of the 5 door design. One drawer on their Double Drawer French Door Refrigerator provides a touchpad to easily change between several functions. Five setting selections offer customizable temperature settings to optimally store meats or cheeses and thaw frozen items. Meanwhile, the second drawer provides a humidity-controlled environment for additional produce.

Rapid Chilling

Loading the refrigerator with room-temperature items or warm leftovers can lower its internal temperature, putting other foods at risk of spoiling. One of the most important refrigerator features of 2021 are rapid chill settings that lower the refrigerator temperature for a brief period of time. This feature quickly chills warm items while making sure others stay cold, preventing your fridge from working too hard and avoiding spoilage.

Brand Highlight:

The Power Cool feature on Samsung’s 4-Door Flex Chef Collection Refrigerator is enacted at the touch of a button. Power Cool blows additional cool air into the refrigerator for 2.5 hours to rapidly chill room-temperature beverages or warm leftovers. Given this refrigerator’s extra large size and storage capacity, this feature can end up saving energy and money over its lifespan.

important refrigerator features
Image Courtesy of CNET

Convertible Storage 

Whether you’re entertaining or taking advantage of supermarket sales, certain situations call for increased refrigerator or freezer space. The best refrigerator features offer flexibility with compartments that convert back and forth from refrigerator to freezer storage. These compartments offer multiple settings to easily change between freezing and chilling temperatures to safely store food in accordance with your ever-changing needs.

Brand Highlight: 

LG’s Full-Convert Drawer is just one of the amenities on its InstaView Refrigerator. This drawer easily slides out to reveal a custom control panel with 5 temperature options that range from chilling to freezing. The drawer also includes an adjustable divider to safely store wine bottles or compartmentalize frozen meat and dairy.

Improved Efficiency

It used to be that only the most high-end refrigerators had dual evaporator systems that improved food preservation. However, the best refrigerator features of 2021 expand this technology to numerous refrigerator brands. Having separate evaporator systems for the freezer and refrigerator provides individual cooling components for each. This best preserves frozen food without freezer burn or overhardening and provides the humidity that refrigerated items need to stay fresh.

Brand Highlight:

GE’s TwinChill evaporator system offers superior cooling and food preservation in both the refrigerated and freezer compartments. The GE Profile Series French Door Refrigerator is a fraction of the cost of a luxury-brand model. However, its TwinChill system keeps items in both the freezer and refrigerator fresher, longer, and decreases odor transfer between the two compartments.

refrigerator features comparison
Image Courtesy of Sub-Zero

Looking for the gold-standard in dual refrigeration? Sub-Zero’s dual-compressor system provides completely separate cooling systems in the refrigerator and freezer, making it world-renowned for superior cooling and freezing. The Sub-Zero Classic Refrigerator is one of the less expensive options in this luxury brand, offering their patented dual compressor technology.

Enhanced Connectivity

The features of smart refrigerator designs have been available for several years, connecting refrigerator controls to smartphones for easier use. However, the most recent innovations add larger touch screens for increased visibility and purposes, and voice activation, making buttons unnecessary. Whether it’s through Amazon’s Alexa or their own voice activation technology, it’s never been easier to communicate with your refrigerator.

Brand Highlight:

Samsung continues to pioneer smart refrigerator technology, most notably with its Family Hub screen. This large, front-panel screen not only allows you to see inside your refrigerator, but can double as a family bulletin board for notes and pictures. The 4-Door Flex French Door Refrigerator also comes equipped with Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant. This feature enables you to make shopping lists and monitor refrigerator functions via voice activation technology.

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