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Does Sub-Zero Have a Freestanding Refrigerator

Does Sub-Zero Have a Freestanding Refrigerator?

If you asked a random person on the street which brand makes the best refrigerators, chances are they would say Sub-Zero. Known for their classic commercial-grade stainless steel exterior, powerful cooling systems, and unmatched reliability, most people would agree that Sub-Zero is the pinnacle of home refrigeration technology. But does Sub-Zero have a freestanding refrigerator in their product line?

Indeed they do, and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Pro 48 Freestanding Sub-Zero Refrigerator

Many customers have asked us, “Does Sub-Zero have a freestanding refrigerator?” As it turns out, they do. It is one of the most brilliantly engineered refrigerators on the market and is actually sold as a freestanding or built-in model. Meet the Sub-Zero Pro 48 refrigerator!


sub zero freestanding refrigerator       sub zero pro 48 refrigerator

Pro 48 Features

This Sub-Zero freestanding refrigerator is the biggest, most powerful model of its type in production. They’ve poured all of their best technology, designs, and features from decades of Sub-Zero engineering into one killer unit that’s sure to impress even the staunchest critic.

Large Storage Capacity

For a brand that’s already known for storage capacity, this Sub-Zero freestanding refrigerator is unbelievably spacious. At 18.5 cu. ft. of refrigerator capacity and 11.7 cu. ft. of freezer storage space, the Pro 48 is the roomiest refrigerator Sub-Zero makes.

Flexible Organization

Today’s refrigeration design is all about storage options and flexibility, and Sub-Zero gives you no shortage of choices. All of the Pro 48’s shelves are adjustable, and interior drawer dividers can be used in any drawer for maximum customization.

Glass Door Option

Check to see if you’re out of milk quickly with the Pro 48’s clear-view glass door option. This triple-pane, UV-resistant glass door converts your Sub-Zero unit into a beautifully-lit display case.

Exterior Temperature Display

Never wonder if your refrigerator or freezer is cold enough again thanks to this easy-to-read external refrigerator temperature display.

sub zero pro 48

Sub-Zero Pro 48 Price Range

The only problem with getting the very best is paying for the very best. The Sub-Zero Pro 48 freestanding refrigerator has an MSRP or $16,950, which is a bit more than their built-in and integrated models. What you get though is unrivaled beauty and quality that will last a lifetime.

Where to Buy a Sub-Zero Pro 48 in Orange County

The next time someone asks you, “Does Sub-Zero have a freestanding refrigerator?” you’ll be able to tell them all about the world-class Pro 48 model. Or, hopefully, you’ll be able to show them yours!

If for some reason your Sub-Zero refrigerator needs appliance repair Irvine CA service, be sure to call the experts at Caesar’s Appliance Service.