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most popular kitchen appliance brands

What Are The Most Popular Kitchen Appliance Brands?

Purchasing a new kitchen appliance can be a big investment, making it all the more important to research the best choice. What are the most popular kitchen appliance brands? Sub-Zero and Whirlpool are two highly-ranked, American-owned companies that specialize in refrigerators and dishwashers. Learn what other popular names offer so you can determine the best kitchen appliance brand for your needs.

Determining the Most Popular
Kitchen Appliance Brands

What makes a particular name one of the most popular kitchen appliance brands? Reliability, price, ease of use and appearance are just some of the factors that consumers find most important. Our guide to the most popular brands details what makes them so great and the appliance that is their claim to fame.


This American-owned company has been producing high-quality refrigerators since 1945 and is still one of the most popular kitchen appliance brands for this reason. Sub-Zero’s high-end refrigerators offer dual compressors for the optimal temperature and humidity control that keep food fresh. A patented air purification system and vacuum door seal add to their superior cooling quality. Lastly, a generous warranty and expert construction make Sub-Zero the least serviced kitchen appliance brand.

But Sub-Zero refrigerators aren’t all work and no play; their sleek, sophisticated appearance is one of its most popular refrigerator features. Numerous built-in and integrated options can customize your look, while the brand’s Designer Series offer panel-ready doors to seamlessly blend with existing cabinetry. Though buying a Sub-Zero refrigerator means committing to a high price tag, it also provides instant name recognition and reliability that holds its value.


Whirlpool isn’t just the largest American-made appliance brand, it’s the largest appliance name in the world. Yet, despite its size, Whirlpool is considered the most reliable kitchen appliance brand, with a range of products that are built to last. Its best offering stays true to its water-based roots, which began in 1911 with one of the first electric washing machines. Today, Whirlpool dishwashers are among the best kitchen appliances in Laguna Niguel, with many homes featuring a Whirlpool model.

What makes Whirlpool dishwashers so popular? A competitive price point that delivers excellent performance and some attractive bells and whistles. The Whirlpool WDTA50SAKZ 24″ Dishwasher offers a third rack for cutlery, adjustable second rack and fingerprint-resistant stainless steel at under $1000. In addition, the brand’s unique TotalCovearge Spray Arm offers superior cleaning ability along with 13 other wash settings. 

most reliable kitchen appliance brand
Image from Whirlpool


Arguably the best kitchen appliance brand of 2021, LG is adept at using the latest technology in the most user-friendly ways. The brand has its finger on the pulse of popularity with appliances like door-in-door refrigerators and dishwashers that dry dishes to completion. But their various oven models are what really showcase LG’s commitment to innovation.

These LG oven features are among the most popular:

  • Dual speed convection fans: Two fans spin at different speeds to accommodate delicate baking as well as roasting and crisping.
  • Steam-cleaning: Provides a safer, less-time consuming alternative to other self-cleaning functions. 
  • Air-frying capabilities: Using its powerful convection abilities, these ovens use air to create a crispy coating without oil.
  • InstaView oven door: Instead of pushing a button, just knock on the oven door to illuminate the interior.
best kitchen appliance brand
Image from LG

An oven exemplifying many of these features is the 1.7/4.7 cu. ft. Smart wi-fi Enabled Combination Double Wall Oven. Featuring TurboCook convection power that requires no preheating and steam cooking as well as steam cleaning, this oven is simply fun to use. A sleek appearance with glass controls make it a showpiece in any kitchen.


Having made its name in television and electronics, Samsung is also no slouch in the technology department. The brand brings its command of innovation to kitchen appliances from refrigerators to microwaves. However, their gas ranges not only exemplify the latest features but superior cooking capabilities.

least serviced kitchen appliance brand
Image from Rizzo’s Corner

The 5 burner cooktop on the 5.8 cu. ft. Slide-In Gas Range provides dual power burners offering professional temperature control. Meanwhile, the oven provides convection capabilities and a 5.8 cu. ft. cavity that can cook a full roast and side dishes simultaneously. With fingerprint-resistant stainless steel and a sleek, custom-fit appearance, Samsung remains one of the most popular kitchen appliance brands for gas ranges.

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